My flash light problem was fixed - Where's NETFLIX Widget?

by jmayeur - 2/19/10 7:29 AM

In Reply to: UN55B8500 Discontinued!!!!!! by jdpg2

I bought my 8000 in July 2009. It wasn't until around November that I got around to seeing the ghosty flash light in the right hand corners. It was too late to return to the store so I called Samsung - good thing it has a warranty longer than 90 days ! I explained the problem to the tech before they came out and they immediately ordered me a new panel - I was not happy about this. A few weeks later when they came out - they brought the panel but told me that sometimes the screws were too tight. They would loosen them first to see. They did and said that it should have fixed the problem. I couldn't tell since you really only see this problem at night (dark out) when darks scenes are showing (problem still there). So I called them to come back with the new panel before it got sent back - they did. Basically the new panel is the entire TV and they just moved the two main boards and speakers to the new panel and put it back in the case. The problem is now solved !

The only question I have now is "Where is my NETFLIX widget?". I bought this TV because I thought I saw that feature on the INTERNET@TV site which I got to from Samsung's site. To my surprise when I got the TV hooked up - No NETFLIX widget. I just got the Blockbuster widget via one of the firmware updates but I want my NETFLIX widget.

Does anyone have any idea IF this widget will be made available for the 8000 and IF then WHEN ?

JRM in Seneca, SC