anyone know how to watch movie trailers on the 8000?

by hayesnoble - 2/12/10 5:14 AM

In Reply to: Samsung Blown Capacitors by mbmoody

I have tried several times to get my 8000 to play movie trailers using the usb port and flashdrive. Each time I put the drive in the tv, the tv only opens still photos of the movie and does not "run" the trailer that is on the flashdrive! Can anyone help? The tv manual does not offer any further tips to overcome this problem.

Also, I second the comment/request that Samsung should replace my 8000 unit once the replacement tv without the patent infringements becomes available. Would the Samsung Tech please reply to me/us, once a decision is made about this, since the Tech was taking it to the powers that be? We'd all appreciate knowing their response and decision.

Thank you, Hayes Noble
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