8000 Series appears to be defective!

by palavering - 2/8/10 6:16 PM

In Reply to: UN55B8500 Discontinued!!!!!! by jdpg2

I have been reading everywhere that Samsung's 8000 series have circuit board problems; that is, capacitors, especially, have been known to blow. I can say that I bought one for Xmas, and I called BestBuy less than two weeks later. An authorized tech came out and showed me a blown board. He replaced it and still couldn't get it to work. I had BestBuy pick it up and give me another one. So far, so good. (BTW, BestBuy resold my 8000 to another customer. I had accidently left a card with my name and phone number in the tv box. He called to tell me the tv didn't work, and he asked if I had returned it.) So much for honesty!