Firmware Problem

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 1/30/10 5:16 PM

In Reply to: Firmware Problem by mbmoody


The support site is still there. The support site remains for all of the products.

This is the support site for the UN55B8000, but if you have a different model, it will be in the upper right hand corner in the "drop-down" boxes under "Find a Product". I can't speak on what firmware updates are available, or what they do outside of what the website describes.

Sorry about not responding. I don't have a statement or explanation. But the product is supported, warranties are still in effect, and the unit is covered as promised. I've seen a lot of conclusions drawn, and since legal threats are suggested, I can't comment further except to reassure owners that there is no danger or inherent problem with owning one of the affected Samsung televisions.

I can respond no further on this matter.