Samsung Soundbar audio settings

by lbarnac - 8/20/09 7:10 AM

In Reply to: Soundbar audio settings by soundgarden1

Hi HD Tech,
OK I took your advice as I was having the same problem with not getting the Dolby Digital on the sound bar. Here's my set up. HDTV Samsung UNB406000 LED connected to DirectTV satelite box with HDMI. Connected Samsung HT-WS1 soundbar connected to TV with Optical Cable = I get the PCM signal. So I connected the Optical Cable from the soundbar direct to my DirectTV satelite box and I get the Dolby Digital green light showing the digital audio. Now here lies my problem. I turn everything off with the power buttons. THe sound bar flashes once and turns off but then the volume light bar comes on and it turns back on. No matter how many times I turn it off, it comes back on.??? Any suggestions how I can get the sound bar to stay off until I want to turn it on?