TV is fixed

by msbaldi - 7/8/09 8:00 AM

In Reply to: sound but no picture update by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

To update my previous post... I got my television back from the repair shop and it is now working fine (although there is now a small scratch on the frame-probably while it was being repaired). I spoke with the customer service rep at the repair shop and I was told that they contacted Samsung directly and were told to re-solder the mainboard and another board and also rebuilt the power supply (replaced some capacitors). Total cost was $329.95. I looked on the web and found other users that had to replace some capacitors as well. Those users just need a de-soldering tool to take out the old capacitors and then solder some new capacitors that they purchased cheaply from Radio Shack. I don't know if this would have solved my problem or not, but $329.95 is too much to spend on "repairing" a 2-year old television. I plan on writing a letter to Samsung with a copy of my receipts as this is just not acceptable. However, I have learned a valuable lesson and will from now on purchase the extended warranty just to put my mind at ease... I would love to just sell the tv and buy a new one (not a Samsung) and start over, but not sure if I will.