Skipping on TBS and TNT

by Dan Filice - 9/20/08 11:31 AM

In Reply to: Another Clarification by Earlybird222


I can't say for sure about whether the 120Hz causes any noticable skipping of the picture, but I do know that TBS and TNT, being both commercial TV stations, most likely do what is called "Time Compression" to their programming. This involves compressing the running time by 10%, which means that in 60 minutes, the program runs 54 minutes and they have an extra 6 minutes of time for commercials. What I've noticed on TBS and TNT is that their compression artifacts are the worst! The artifacts show up during horizontal movement, whether it's someone walking across the screen, a camera pan, etc., and the motion skips. Just think about it: To compress by 10%, video frames must be dropped, which is what causes this horrible skipping. I personally don't think it's your TV. It's the broadcaster.