A backup is when there is an original and a copy.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 3/4/13 6:00 PM

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And if you follow your IT training you have your original and at least 2 copies so that's 3 copies in 3 places for safety. Folk that drive it down to one last copy or one copy and original are not "in a state of backup."

With DropBox and more out there it's a shame to read about losses today.
It's like folk tell us they let the antivirus expire. Since there are free antivirus apps (like free storage) there's rarely a good reason to go without.

-> There is another way to get those files back. If you are serious you would turn the power off to the machine that had the last copy and remove it's hard drive. Then you put it into some other system on USB or internal and try those apps I listed earlier or drivesavers that drive as well.