Re: missing/ corrupt windows file 32 etc

by Kees_B Moderator - 2/20/13 12:52 PM

In Reply to: different options? by armyjoebob

You simply replace the missing/ corrupt windows file 32 etc by a non corrupted one you copy from a working Windows Vista machine. If that's the only error, that's a rather fast repair.

But I'm afraid that's much more difficult than it sounds. And if all restores and fixes fail, a clean install is the only solution, if you like it or not.

Finally let me note that your problem seemed to change between your first and your last post. In your first post you said that the "windows error" was missing or corrupt. Now it's the "windows file 32 etc" that's missing or corrupt. That's clearly something else. It's not amazing you can't find the solution on google if the problem changes so quickly.