Second drive issue

by dudleian1 - 4/8/12 10:48 AM

Hello there, can anyone help me please
I've recently installed a second hard drive to act as a storage facility on my Packard Bell iMedia (Vista home basic) as I was running out of disc space. As I've created the menu for all my stuff and folders/subs Vista has doubled everything up so I now have a back-up of the back-up and only half the free space that I anticipated!. When I open windows explorer I now have THREE folders marked 'E:Storage/etc... - two under Desktop/Anyone and one under Computer/ along with my other drives C.D and F (two DVD drives) - SO I have three questions 1) how did this happen (cos I didn't do it!)? 2) how can I stop it from continuing and most importantly 3) how do I delete all the duplicated stuff?
Any suggestions gratefully acepted