Stoping Reboot Loop "Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 0%"

Hi Susannah,
I had exactly the same problem when I re installed Vista on my PC everytime I start the computer it said:

Configurating updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete

And then reboots, and reboots, and reboots ... I had it rebooting for over an hour before I stopped the madness.

I went to the Microsoft update production team blog which had this information on its site:

"So what caused the problem? Well, the SSU has special code to check whether there are any pending reboots or other updates to install. If it sees either of these circumstances, it prevents the install from starting. During our investigation, we discovered that there were a few unknown and rare events during the middle of the installation of the update that could cause the update to think it needed a reboot to complete the installation. If this happened, the system entered a repeating reboot loop".

So how do you fix it?
well if you have this issue installing from Windows Update, please see this KB article from Microsoft titled:
"The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7", you will find it hear:

Follow the instructions given at the Microsoft site to roll back your software to a working state before the problem update.
However before you then let automatic updates start updating your computer again which will just cause the same problem all over again.
Read then used the how to avoid this problem instructions at the bottom of the Microsoft document to do a succesfull update of the problem file.
Then you can let automatic updates update your computer again without problems.

If you do not have an original Vista DVD as requested in the Microsoft online document to boot from and do a restore(your pc or laptop came pre loaded with Vista), or for some reason the F8 method does not work.
Then you can download and burn to disk a Vista Recovery CD Avilable from here:

Boot from this disk instead and restrore your computer to an earlier working state.

You can if you wish do a quick fix instead of the above, using any of the 3 boot methods (original disk F8 or recovery disk)by doing the following:

1. Insert your Vista Media and boot from it or press F8 while booting.
2. Select "Repair your Computer" from the list.
3. Select "Command Prompt" from the recovery choices.
4. At the command prompt change your directory to C:WindowsWinSxS
5. Type: del pending.xml
6. Exit and reboot

This will fix all Windows update reboot loops and does not require you to restore your PC to and earlier state.

However it does not address the fact that your automatic update failed.
To fix the failed update problem you must follow the instructions given at the start of this document.
Hope this helps best regards Ed Haddon.