Resolved Vista SP1 Installation Problem.

by knight2c3 - 5/28/09 5:34 AM

In Reply to: Unable to install Vista SP1. by Soul Raven

Although the short version to do a clean installation was tempting, I recently reinstalled my Vista Ultimate Edition and didn't feel I should need to do it again. Nevertheless, I was prepared to. In any event, after downloading the system readiness tool and running check disk no real problems were found. However, after downloading the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330)file, it failed to install but indicated (and I forgot to do screen capture of the error message!) but basically a language other than the five (English, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) was installed. Once I opened the Regional and Language Options, I could not believe that Russian and Finnish were installed. Once I removed both of those languages and ran the stand alone SP 1 file, not only was I able to install SP1 and other important updates but SP 2 as well! I don't foresee this solution helping most but I highly recommend downloading the stand alone service pack (right click the file and choose Run as administrator) instead of using the Windows Update at least for SP 1.