upgradeing from basic to home

by BLKHWK57 - 2/23/09 7:27 PM

In Reply to: Upgrade to Vista Home Premium by papa_10speed

just read your blog, I too have vista home basic on my pc, was part of the package when I purchased the machine. I upgraded to Home premium and had no problems. Then my hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. I re-install my software using the recovery disk that came with the system, I then went on line to order home premium, to my dismay I could not download the software upgrade, I had to purchase a DVD copy which came in the male about 4 days later. I have been attempting to install this software for the past five days, with no joy. I am ready to send it back to MS, if they can't come up with a solution to my problem, I also agree with the blogger who is calling for a class action suit against MS.

Oh by the way the problem I am having, is that the software appears to be loading with no problems, about one and half hours later I get a box that says one or more system components could not be configured.
then it suggest that I start the upgrade process all over again. YES I did the advisory thing, and my system was fit for the upgrade, no software issues or hardware issues. This is really driving me crazy, so think hard before you spend your hard earned cash for the upgrade, but if you get it, and you get it to work, please, please email me with whatever solution you found to get it to upgrade. VZE29WK6@COMCAST.NET.