RE: HP w2207h LCD Monitor Sleep Mode Problem

I have just bought a new computer HP Pavilion m8400f with the LCD Monitor HP w2207h in June of this year 2008. For the last 2 months I have made contact with HP pertaining to my monitor going into sleep mode and when moving the mouse to bring the monitor out of sleep mode I just get a blue/blk screen. The PC comes out of sleep mode with no problem using the mouse, but not the monitor. Also the keyboard is no better. Do not do a System Recovery since the problem will not go away. Monitor will work good (coming out of sleep mode) until you install a software program or updates from Microsoft/HP, take your pick and then try to find what software program, updates are causing the problem. I have updates drivers, the BIOS, troubleshoot from HP and on the internet with being unable to correct this problem. When I hooked up this new monitor to another computer using Windows XP Pro had no problems with it coming out of sleep mode. So it can't be the Monitor, but a problem with Vista. Also ran Hardware Diagnostic and everything passed. So if anyone out there finds a cure please advised. Retired and getting stressed out here trying to figure out the problem and a repair. And they state Retirement is a time for relaxation!!! You think. LOL HP does not give much help in this situation and have no idea what is causing the problem or how to repair it.