Vista sucks. Dell sucks.

Inspiron 1505 bought with Vista Home Premium in 4/2007. Had to reinstall the OS from the recover partition within about 6 months due to problems related to graphics driver incompatability.

Had to reinstall OS again about 2 months ago due to incompatability problems with DVD burner. I still have compatability problems with the DVD burner... takes 20+ minutes to burn a data DVD. fedora 9 Linux dual booting burns same data on same hardware in about 8 minutes.

System can be very slow to copy files, startup and shutdown.

Note about dual booting: You are supposed to be able to use Vista disk manager to resize your Vista partition to make room for other OS. Wouldn't work for me due to "shadowing" operations or such. Don't care. Couldn't turn it off. When I had to reinstall the second time, I made sure to repartition to limit the space that Vista could suck up.