I have Some Problems with My Vista

I bought a new HP Laptop with Vista Home Premium back last August 07. My main issue is I get blue screen crashes. Back in December I contacted HP tech support and they recommended the Bios update and to ignore the Welcome Center pop-up. That solved the blue screen crashes at that time.

Now I'm getting blue screen crashes again and this time the error message that comes up is Intel memory-core something something...I can't remember the total error message at this time. I did go to the Intel site and installed the latest driver as suggested...but it still is happening. I think I need to make another 2 hour call India again. I just called them for another problem I was having and they didn't recommend me manually installing the Vista SP1, as they said that when Windows Updates runs it will do it automatically.

Ha! I just checked my Windows Updates and the SP1 is there but it didn't install automatically, yet it is there as an important update. hmm...I wonder why it didn't do it automatically. It was published back in May and I have other updates like to my 2007Word security that went automatically..why didn't this one go automatically? Could it be because some ppl don't like to update with Service Packs?