What you are really saying..!

by chappejw - 6/15/08 11:18 AM

In Reply to: Users create the problems??? by DJEVEREST

Anyone who has never used any other type of computer has nothing to compare their crap with. Get this straight, the operating system is not the computer. The hardware architecture is what you are actually running, and the operating system sits on top of that. You can put many different operating systems on your hardware. Sooo many people have no idea that you can do that, it's actually amazing. Windows ==> Smoke 'n' Mirrors

A good example would be someone who has never played video games anywhere anytime before and you throw them on an Atari 2600 for the first time. Hey wicked, so much fun and super entertainment. Wow factor of 10..!

But, once that person tried a Wii system, Sony PS3, or XBox 360 there can be no further comparison. This is the reality with Windows NT/Xp/Vista vs. Mac OSX

Windows Xp is 6 years old folks, and people consider it better than Vista.! That says alot, actually that says a whole world of pain since both of those operating systems are the crappiest user experience out there. Try Mac OSX and you will never go back to Windows ever..! Get hooked on Ubuntu, and you will never touch Windows again if you can help it. I mean sure, some companies run their desktops on Windows because it is familiar, but corporations do not run Windows to host banking, national security, or other businesses that require real security. Talking productivity? Even IBM has switched to Mac OSX for a desktop environment..! and they are the creator of the PC..!! The Mac and Ubuntu are the new PC..!

So anyone out there who rants and raves about Windows...! If you are not personally comparing the two side by side personally, you have no credential, and you have no argument.

Let me axe y'all a question. How many Mac fixit, problem discussion forums are out there? The answer? Not even a tiny percentage in comparison to forums to help windows users deal with Microsoft crap. Therefore, we know all the Mac users are not constantly fixing and formating their operating systems and dealing with failed user experiences, but they are doing productive tasks, uninhibited by the operating system.

Stop eating garbage from Microsoft.