Let's face it

by Vistabitch - 6/13/08 11:11 PM

In Reply to: Lexmark Website Drivers DO NOT Work Either by rednorsk

Vista is a ***** of an operating system.

I've had nothing but TROUBLE.

Everthing my XP could do easily and every printer, camera, and programs I installed that worked beautifully does not work on Vista unless I wrestle with her for days on end and e-mail back and forth for help from vendors.

Vista should be a continuation of ease of use - user friendly - instead she is a *****.

I am currently working on my HP scanner - won't work. It's an all in one - printer, copier, scanner, but won't scan.

I downloaded from HP but then none of it would work. So I unstalled.

Just tired of all the hassle.

I am thinking of cleaning up my XP and bringing her back into service. I'm sure I could swap this Vista ***** for a cat.