Mine is Ultimately wonderful

I have taken the time to go through the whole forum posting on this and am truly amazed by the problems. I have 2 Compaq's laptops in my home. Both run Vista. Mine ultimate added, hers built with premium. It does take a bit of learning granted. I updated my Vista capable with more ram as per the Vista ready tool recommendation. I got the OS as soon as it came out and have been totally amazed with it and I only have a 3.1 happy rating. Her's is a duel core AMD with 1 gig of ram and it is so slow compared to mine it is not even funny but she is happy with it. It has a dedicated graphics and can only generate a 2.4 Windows index score.??? I have a duel core Intel with integrated graphics and this thing screams. Does AMD and Intel create that much difference? Anyway I task my machine as graphically as I can with 2 tvs in the gadget column with 3 pages of graphics intensive gadgets. The background is the bubbling brook and all the system monitors going and it still pops with no hesitation. The only time I have challenged it's capability is converting video. I run FireFox with at least 5 pages, Internet explorer, Safari all simulateously, and will get ubuntu to see what all the fuss is about My next step is a Virtual setup with all the OS you glow about on Vista just to see if I can create the same problems this forum entails.