Removing any reminents of your printer...

by Soul Raven - 6/7/08 10:31 PM

In Reply to: Vista 1270 Drivers from Lexmark by zaarenoc

I'd suggest making a backup of the registry prior to making the following modifications. Also, please note that all the information provided below is reputable information, but it is offered "as is". Thus, should you damage your system I will not be held liable.

If you are having issues installing drivers for printers, most likely you're running into a compatibility issue. There are certain instances where a VISTA driver would not work with said printer, but installing an XP one resolves the issue. Each situation is a case by case, and you'll have to determine that on your own.


I am going to walk you through emptying the printer spool folder, removing currently installed printers, and then removing further entries for said printers from the registry. As before all information is provided as-is. So please use it at your own risk.


Emptying the printer spool:
1) Open computer and navigate to the following location:
2) Rename the folder w32x86 to w32x86.old which ensures we retain a backup if necessary.
3) Next navigate to the following location:
4) Rename the folder Printers to Printers.old which as well ensures we retain the information should we need to revert to it.

Uninstalling your printer(s):
1) In the "Start Search" bar type Printers and hit enter
2) Select the printer(s) you wish to remove.
3) Click the Red X with "Remove this printer" next to it.

Opening the Registry Editor:
1) Click Start and type in the "Start Search" bar regedit
2) Hit enter to open the Registry Editor.
3) If you have more than 5 folders in front of you one or more groups is expanded. Collapse these folders until you only see 5.

Locating the registry key:
1) You will be clicking on the little white arrows to expand locations.
3) Now expand SYSTEM
4) Now expand CurrentControlSet
5) Now expand Control
6) Now expand Print
7) Now "Right Click" on Print and select "Export".
8) Create a name and save it somewhere you will remember, this is your backup registry.

Removing entries from the registry:
1) Now from your current location please expand the following.
2) Now expand Environments
3) Now expand Windows NT x86
4) Now expand Drivers
5) Now expand Version-X (the x will be replaced with a number).
6) Under this Version folder you should find your printer entries. However, there will also be entries from programs such as MS Office, and other programs. Removing the entries pertaining to other programs may cause loss in functionality. Be sure to remove only those folders pertaining to your printers.

Removing entries from the registry:
1) Now collapse the Environments folder found under Print
2) Now expand Printers
3) Again you will have possible entries from MS Office and other programs. Try to remove only those pertaining to your printers.


Now you will want to restart your machine, and attempt installing the printer(s) that you where having problems with. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reply to this thread.