One more thing.

by Soul Raven - 6/7/08 8:49 PM

In Reply to: Unable to install Vista SP1. by Soul Raven

After you have run the following scans/test, and still do not want to reinstall I would be happy to look at the logs generated by these tools. Granted there may be nothing that can be done, but we may be able to identify the cause.

The following are the locations of the logs that are generated for the scans. You will most likely have to copy and paste these to different locations, such as the Desktop, before you can modify them.


The CheckDisk is report is located in the "Event Viewer" and is a little trickier to obtain. It can be found by typing, get this, Event Viewer in the Start Search bar. Once it opens you need to expand the folder labeled Windows Logs. Now Right Click on "System" and select "Save event as.." type a name and place it in a location you'll remember.

Please included all these files in a ZIP, and send them to
I will then review them and post the results after I've had a chance to look at them. As before if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to respond to this thread. happy