Unbutu ahhh???

by DJEVEREST - 6/7/08 12:12 AM

In Reply to: Ubuntu to the rescue by chappejw

So, you are telling everybody, unbutu is better than vista, but is it better than XP too?

I'm asking this, cuz i'm a professional musician that uses a lot of software aplications for windows (some are for Mac too). But sometimes i ran into an ocean of problems, and sometimes i think is XP's fool. But sometimes are hardware issues.

I use XP professional. I use mainly, Acid Pro 6, Cubase LE, Live 6, Kinetic and Music Creator and a large number of VST plugins and instruments, and DXi too. I own Kore of NI.

So tell me, Unbutu will handle all this software? will it give me the stability that i need?

I'm asking to you all this, cuz i realize that you are a hard defender of unbutu, but you need think about something: much people actually use their Pc systems to work professonally and sometimes we don't have time and don't need to experiment with new OSs. So Tell Me, Ubutu is really the "Great" OS, that actually you are promising?

I gotta tell you, i don't like Vista, and i said before, that i don't change to vista until it should be really necesary and i have no choice. Until then, I will use XP. A lot of people, if not the mayority, thinks XP are the best OS of all times.

To EVERYBODY. There are a limited quantity of new computers, laptops and desktops with XP home or professional OS in some internet shopping sites... you know what to do, if you dont want Vista grin