Yeah both of them got issues...

by 7aji88 - 6/5/08 10:40 PM

In Reply to: not to knock Ubuntu, but . . . by beelissa

if you but games on the side (big games are only for Windows on the PC platform) Vista and Ubuntu can do the same pretty much (you can run Photoshop CS3 on Ubuntu using Wine, at least I did) but I have a Creative X-FI sound card with a punch of programs that comes with it to use it and they don't work on either Vista or Ubuntu. Also I got an HP printer and scanner(which will never work on Vista according to HP but it works fine on Ubuntu) My point is this: go with the OS that works best with your hardware, for me XP SP3 is great with my desktop, and for my EeePC I got a modified Ubuntu version that works fine (still you will need to learn few text commands to get around in Linux sad but I got it alright happy