LXCZutil.dll file not find for X1270 in Vista

by Gene W. - 5/9/07 8:47 PM

In Reply to: Lexmark Website Drivers DO NOT Work Either by rednorsk

Can't run the all-in-one utility control panel in Vista even though the shortcut icon is on the desktop. Went to Lexmark, downloaded what was suppose to be the correct driver. I uninstalled the first one reinstalled the new driver same problem. Used a utility program to see what the file names were to see if the missing file (LXCZutil.dll) was in the setup file . It is but either didn't uncompress or who knows where installed. In looking at the info in the driver setup I found the files were all listed as XPsp2 files. I got the printer to print photos by going to <Start><Printers> selecting the printer then right clicking on it and selecting preferences from the list and selecting either "Better" or "Best" to print photos and saving this setting. This would work for me but it's a computer of a friend.