Lexmark Website Drivers DO NOT Work Either

by rednorsk - 4/17/07 3:34 PM

In Reply to: Lexmark has Vista Drivers on their website by BrodieB

I got the Lexmark 1270 free with a laptop I bought from Best Buy. It was overpriced in my opinion. It does not work with Vista. Period. The so-called drivers Lexmark has on their website are phony. You can update the drivers all you want. Lexmark doesn't care. I have read every post out there, called and emailed Lexmark tech support numerous times, contacted Microsoft, Best Buy, been promised a disk that has the Vista drivers on it (which I still haven't received in 4 weeks and from what I've read doesn't work either). I'm fine with forking out the bucks for a new printer that actually WORKS with Vista... but this just demonstrates how much Lexmark cares about their products and customer service. I will NEVER buy or use another Lexmark product again.