Resolved question: Mp3 conversion for Ipod.

by KEWROCK - 5/12/12 9:07 AM

Hello Forum.
The mechanical scroll wheel/multi-switch on my Insignia mp3 player finally quit after 6 years. now I'm looking for a replacement player. I really want a Nano 5th gen, but don't want to deal with loading software.
Most players support drag&drop, but Apple requires either Itunes or a couple other shady softwares to load. I watched a Youtube vid about loading, and there is a conversion process. Why convert an already degraded file format like mp3? That makes no sense. Is it a lossless conversion? Would it take a long time to convert 16 gig of music?
I took a shot on a $30 chipod, but it didn't work. I know I should just buy the Sony, but it lacks the docking feature and the cool look of a Nano.