Macbook Pro for sure

by zapatasghost - 8/12/11 3:43 PM

In Reply to: Should i Get a iPad 2 or a laptop ? by gaminogabriel

I also vote for laptop - but only if you're going w/ a get what you pay for. Try to get the "back to school" deal at Best Buy - they'll give you $100 gift card (versus Apple's lame back to school deal of $100 iTunes/App store card). I would get an iPod Touch (or the iPad if you insist) w/ the Mac - If you get Best Buy's "sale" price and/or online price for both the Macbook and iPod and apply the $100 toward the iPod - that just about "matches" Apple's "education" price as well as the $100 gift card deal - only better because you get more than $100 off an iPod (vs just for iTunes/App store).

You have to ask for the deal at Best Buy - they won't offer it.

Good luck! Be cool stay in school!