Connecting an iPhone to an iMac without a WiFi-router

by k-tut - 11/10/09 10:17 AM

My iMac is on a LAN using wired Ethernet (not WiFi).

I have set the iMac to share the internet with the iPhone using the iMac's built-in Airport, and the iPhone seems to get a signal from the iMac, but I am not able to visit any sites on the net no matter what I do.

Am I wrong in assuming that I can surf the net thru my iMac? Or do I have to get a WiFi-router?
The reason I am avoiding a WiFi-router is that all the ones I have seen would limit the speed of my connection (100 Mb/s).

(I have not been able to get the iPhone and iMac to use Bluetooth either though they are paired.)

Thanks for any suggestions.