Cost effective Large screen tablets/smartphones

by briteliteselect - 2/16/12 2:21 PM

In Reply to: Large screen tablet by BuddyBrooks

I agree with comments that imply large screen tablets are needed. I am vision impaired as many baby boomers are, and I need large screens and fonts. The mulit-touch screen mentioned above is a step in the right direction. Thank goodness Windows 7 has the built in full screen magnifier that does not affect processor performance at all. I would like to be able to us a smart phone or a tablet, but they are just to small and are basically useless for people like me. I have seen some 10 inch tablets that might work, but 17-18 inch would be ideal. Expecially if it included smartphone capabilities like LTE data access and phone, as well as all the app crap. Yes, I am a software developer. The majority of apps are just crap.