Large screen tablet

by BuddyBrooks - 1/20/12 8:58 AM

In Reply to: Tablet PC by zetaone

Wow! Unbelievable! You people just don't get it! I am appalled! There are many valid reasons for wanting a large screen tablet that is portable. Just because you don't need one, don't ridicule those of us who have been dying for one. It is not a rediculous request.
Many companies would love to have inexpensive portable tablets large enough to display drawings that could be carried around a shop floor or customers facility in place of paper drawings, especially if there were a markup feature. It would also be great to take one on site when doing site surveys. Not to mention reading for those of us with less than perfect eyesight. I am surprised at how narrow minded you can be.

The Que was a nice candidate if someone had just finished it. There is a huge market available. You need to quit telling us what we need and listen to the fact that many of us want a large lightweight tablet for document display (Graphics, drawings, magazines, books).

An Ipad is too small for what I want. I am not a 90 lb weakling. A leather portfolio pad size is nice (8.5 x 11) and comfortable for most to carry around. Most of us Engineering types would prefer an 11 x 17(b size drawings).

>There's no 'trend'.
>fbbbb - 3/27/09 1:44 AM
>The screens are small because tablets are intended to be carried and used
on the move. You're not going to do that with a 3.5Kg behemoth.

You are Mistaken! there is a trend and it needs to change!

>MV960 - you seem to have missed missed the whole point.

Surely someone can develop something for a reasonable cost. Start with just a portable
display for images (pdf's?, jpegs, dwgs). Engineering and architectural images
can be quite complex and small screens are nearly useless.