uninstall offers malware

by cltjase - 2/7/13 7:54 AM

In Reply to: We apologize for any inconvenience here. by CNETSupport CNET staff

When I uninstall the helper object that raises the ads, my antivirus find malware in the feedback page by that company.

file:C:\Users\myaccount\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\J5MFH815\impression[1].htm

impression.htm is the page rendered when you uninstall the Play Brite ad popup utility that comes with the CNet download manager.

Don't click the URL:

The page has malware on it to try to redirect the browser to another page and skip security checks... Trojan:JS/Seedabutor.B

Its unethical for CNet to continue to use PlayBryte addin and do anything that triggers a malware threat to my computer. I am deeply offended and will never download another tool from CNet.