audio sync Avidemux/DVD Flick problem

by pdoyle10 - 12/6/09 7:24 AM

In Reply to: This is COMPLICATED. by R. Proffitt Moderator

thanks, Bob!
fyi my experiment failed; or i failed it more likely. Using Avidemux, i converted AVI to DVD (lavc) with MP2 (Twolame); output format MPEG-PS (A+V).
I then took that and ran it through DVD Flick; I changed setting to "Copy MPEG-2 video streams" which i thought was already prepared by avidemux; but apparently not, cuz Flick still encoded with it's entire process and eventually failed with no output, just error logs.
Then i tried Handbrake; used IPOD Legacy settings and kept the resolution same as the source; and that seemed to work fine.
i'm sure i'll have problems again, so i'll keep your suggestion for future reference.
I know you've replied to me several times, and i do appreciate your helpfulness! pdoyle