Grate site to get ripped off from!

This auction site offers limited items and has a support staff that doesn't even understand how the program works. They misappropriate your wins to the improper category leaving you with the inability to utilize your bids, which expire with in 60 days. The vacation vouchers cost more to use them than you could get if you didn't have them as well as being very restrictive in there use. They only allocate the value of .01 cent per bid unlike other auction sites that allocate the value of .60 cents as zbiddy claims there bids cost or advertise they are worth on there auction site. When dealing with there support staff it sounds like you are talking to someone in a foreign country reading a scripted response. The support staff claims they will respond to your request with in 48 to 72 hours, I have been waiting over 30 days to several of my inquires and the products that I have won. They claim they will send your products within 7-10 days, I have been waiting for more than three weeks and still have not yet received mine. I have been on several other sites and this one is by far the worst site I have ever had the displeasure to do business with. They have charged items to my credit cards that I have never ordered and when confronted they try to offer you items that have little or no value, and are more trouble to use than they are worth. Stay as far away from this site as you can to avoid being burned, spread the word!