Blackberry Torch Problems

by bearycreative - 6/3/11 2:22 PM

My 2 year contract was up in April with Att, so I decided to upgrade. I bought the black berry torch expecting to be getting a great new phone and it's been horrible! I have only had it for a little over a month and within the 1st 3 weeks, I had to take it in cause my camera wouldn't take pictures and would freeze up. Then within the last week, when I try to click on the browse button it wont open, so I'm paying the $15 extra for internet that you have to get with this phone and it doesn't even work. Also, the biggest issue is now my phone wont charge at all. So it's dead as a doornail and is worthless. I took it up to the att store today and the guy is trying to get it to work, but it wont even pull up the pin on my phone and isn't doing anything. He also told me that he tells ppl not to get the blackberry torch bc it has had so many defaults it's not worth it. Hope this helps anyone who wants one. It's a great lookin phone (I have the white) but NOT worth the trouble!!!!