Books for kids, made by kids...

by cliffwill88 - 5/23/12 6:14 PM

Books for kids, made by kids...

For centuries has passed by, popular folktales and stories have influenced many children in shaping their beliefs, imagination, creativity and their hopes for the future!

Many classical stories are still living in our memories and continue to inspire us, most especially the future writers. Many famous authors are late bloomers, discovering their ability to bend the reader's imagination at the flourished years. Gained experiences and bittersweet circumstances are the key references.

Kids can tell stories, too! Sometime in our younger years, we have wished to at least write our own stories and have it published on school newspapers! Children writers can express their own thoughts without worrying about the stiff standards of adult literature... just letting the imagination play around and flow in utmost level they can reach! Stories that can be appreciated by adults and cherished by their fellows!

Well, what do you think?