Turtle beach px3 Troubleshooting

by gamethug1 - 11/13/12 7:36 PM

In Reply to: Turtle Beach PX3 Charging Problems by MercV2-0

I, have a unique problem, my turtle beaches never started up correctly, i would press power and wait until tone and the mike would work for a secon or two before it muted it's self. I have resoveled this problem by holding the power button until there are no more tones, then repress the power putton and it would work, but just recently i have come across a new CHARGING problem. My turtle beaches are currently charged but act like they are not paired with the wireless transmitter. they will turn on but NOTHING will work, the mike is muted the presets dont changed and I am getting desperate, for i paied $150 for these and frankly pisses off. i haved tried to plug them in to the wireless tranmitter and NO RED LIGHT, I have however discovered how to get the RED LIGHT to turn on but only for a second at most. Also the LED on the wireless transmitter is very DULL and acts like it is very old when i havent even had them for a year. please if anyone could help please reply!