New 120 GB PS3 Purchased in US WORKING in India

by irfaans21 - 9/15/09 11:10 AM

In Reply to: PS3 - not working in India by Ashokg80

All, i hope my post rests all doubts to rest - last night I plugged in my US PS3 using a 240 v to 110 v converter with 50 watt power - the PS3 needs approx 250 watts of power - so it beeped for a second and would not start up - frustrated i googled the issue and found numerous posts stating that the PS3 has universal power i.e. 110v - 240v while others calling it a hoax. Then I decided to risk my investment and asked my wifey to pray as I was about to plug it in anyway - before that it occured to me to use my PS2 power cable used with a 110 - 240 adapter and EUREKA!!! it worked like a charm (as most of the posts said). So guys with doubts - go ahead - but use a 240 v power cable (similar to the ones we use with laptops - provided it fits the SONY power socket)...but let me caution you - you need to have a brave heart like mine happy