PS3 - Universal Voltage (100~240V)

by arun4k - 10/12/07 2:25 AM

I have got a 60GB PS3 Purchased in USA.I usally decide any purchase based on CNET Reviews. but this time I was blank about this Voltage.

The PS3 has a Label on the Back saying it is 120V 3.2 A 60 Hz. But I live in Asia. Here the Voltage is 220V. So i was shocked. I have not pluged the instrument till now because i am confused.

I sent sony a mail, and their reply was very simple and they do not speak about it anymore.

I searched in goole and many forums about PS3 says the PS3 has a universal power supply inside and they change the label according to the region.

I also found a Youtube video showimg someone pluging the PS3 directly into a 220V supply but it has a 120V on the label.

Many users also confirm the same all over the world.

But I turely belive only in words of CNET.

So please confirm me whether the PS3 Purchased in USA has a Universal power supply unit inside. ie(100~240V 50/60 Hz)

Arun Kumar.