How can I get two (2) xboxes signed into XboxLive at the sam

by hyghwayman - 6/26/07 10:41 PM


I know this can be done, just not sure how ( i have friends that have more than two xboxes online at the same time, but they have no idea what they did or why I can not do this ), so I bring my question here to everyone that may know. I have searched the forums and internet with no luck. IMO I think it's a secret!

I have DSL w/ modem, router, 1 xbox 360 and 1 org. xbox. (2 XboxLive GT's too) All are hardwired.

I sure could use some help everyone, so here is some additional info;

My IP is AT&T Yahoo
Modem is Speedstream 5100
Router is Linksys WRT54GX2

I can sign onto xboxlive with either system, the problem is when I sign in the 2nd xbox my 1st xbox gets disconnected from Live. If I sign back into live with the first xbox the 2nd xbox gets disconnected. WHY?

Is there something I need to change in my Modem or Router to allow me to get both xboxes online at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom,