Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne; Cursor is SLOW

by Haisook - 5/25/07 12:04 PM

Ever since I got my Geforce FX 5500 (256mb), I've been bothered by a relatively slow cursor in WC3:FZ. It makes playing the game much less entertaining. Before I got that video card, I had a Geforce MX 420 (64mb), and it would play FZ beautifully, with no cursor problems whatsoever.

Of course that's driving me nuts because the 5500 is supposedly much better. Besides, WC3:FZ is not 'that' video power demanding.

I've tried to play it on the 'lowest' graphic options, but there was no difference in cursor speed.

On any graphic setting, there's no lag or performance issues at all; only the cursor is slow.

Is there anyway to work this out?

Sys info:
P4 - 2.4 Ghz
RAM 512mb DDR
Geforce FX 5500

Thank you.