Adding a File Share server to existing SBS 2003 AD

by jasonttex - 12/13/11 9:04 AM

I'm looking for some advice on an OS for a new file share server. I've
attempted Linux and I must say I'm a bit worried that after the amount
of time I have put in to learning the command line, and my continued
lack of proficiency, it leaves my company in a position where I would be
the only person able to support it.

I have abandoned this idea and am now looking into a SBS solution.

currently have a SBS 2003 box running our AD as well as an internal file
share and a NAS file share. This box is also used as our RADIUS server
for VPN access. I have another box with an Adaptec SAS Raid card and a
12 bay SAS box I am going to use for our storage as well as for backup

I'm looking for suggestions mainly on the OS but also some info on the
CAL's. We currently have 25 user CAL's on the 2003 SBS box. Am I able to
link the two servers and share the CAL's or will I be forced to
purchase additional CAL's for the File Server?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!