Re: 11/19/04 How many spyware utilities do I really need?

I have throughly studied and tested just about all spyware avalible. And I totally disagree with the conclusion that using lava-soft and spy-bot, are the alternatives. Beware neither one will find the really dangerous stuff. If your going to use only one or two spyware programs it is imperative that you use either Webroot's Spy Sweeper, or Pest patrol. I prefer pest patrol personally. I also have seen articles from respected computer tech's saying that they have placed spy-bot on their banned list of software. Spy- bot is not very good at finding all pest, plus no one I know uses it correctly, because they never read the instructions nor are they easily understoo. So if you truly want protection for your pc you gonna have to pay since my selections aren't free. And really can ever expect a free product to give you the same results as a pay service, especially with spyware since the strings need to be updated all the time. I speak from experience from using my computer and fixing others who use adaware and spy-bot, they just don't do the job.