Re: Honorable mentions

by funkid7 - 11/20/04 12:29 AM

In Reply to: Re: Honorable mentions by parelje

BOY! doesn't this sound like a crock of junk?!?!?! Why go through all that freeware and all those silly steps!!!!
Like I said I.E.6.0/WinXP with SP2 and yahoo toolbar allready HAS everything built in! Spam blocker/spykiller/auto notify updates all there on one server and a part of your browser, instead of, an EXTRA RUNNING PROCESS slowing you down!
By the way; NEVER pay for anti-spyware or virus scanning! IT is not our responsibility, but your cable providers task! THey have clearly defined themselves to me as, a customer convienience and NOT a needed utility! What this means is; We should be surfing the net, hassle free and only one cost to us, the customers! Just like cable TV! I haven't downloaded a TV virus YET!?! I will also bet that, if my cable TV DID contract some sort of virus; that said company would scramble to fix it quick and then apologize for guessed it:in-CONVIENIENCE. They would NOT ask me to buy some sort of new gadget/ software or suffer with no TV!
All utilities, for my convienience, should be taken care of by my cable company.
By the way; I also connect at 1300kbps most days and use very little system ram for running background apps.