Re: 11/19/04 How many spyware utilities do I really need?

I.E. 6.0 coupled with Yahoo's new toolbar has everything you need! Michael P. is misinformed!
WinXP with sp2/I.E. 6.0/Yahoo, which blocks spam and kills spyware and you are set for now. WATCH OUT!, Spybot Search and Destroy was hacked and then downloaded sabotage on my next update! It rendered the app. useless! With Yahoo I just log on and it automatically notifies me of updates and installs them right then, same server all needs met with one application! I Have not caught any spies/adware/dialers AT ALL!, with my set-up! Google has been hacked to death! It sometimes installs itself with out my permission and has disabled My browser twice. But, still No other problems for months now.