Ms.config vs Services.msc vs Start Up (etc)

Hi Tarek,

Thanks for an interesting post.

If I understand correctly, unclicking a program using Ms.config route will stop said program loading the next time you start your PC.(Quick Time & certain others notwithstanding!). However, I also believe that once you choose to re-use the program, then it will (usually) put itself back on the start list. So, you can either choose to saw sawdust & repeat the whole process, or stop bothering and accept the slow running issues. As such, I quite like the idea of (weekly) unclicking all programs on the start list, adding back your Anti-Virus;Anti-Malware & Firewall Programs, and restarting your PC. As a previous poster stated, Windows will assure that no critical programs will stop.

However, as a failed perfectionist, I feel unhappy with this and would prefer to find a permanent solution. So, am I right to believe that if I go the Services.msc route, then the selection remains ie: choosing manual for a program (as opposed to Automatic) means that it will stay manual? or will this selection also revert when said program is next used.

In short, I am getting the impression that whatever I do is academic, since every time I choose to run a program, it will revert to its' previous staus in the Start list..

Equally, is there a conflict of interest if you amend a programs' status in one utility but not the other?(eg, you amend Services.msc but not Ms.config.

Please don't get me wrong, I am very capable of amending MS.config, Services.msc, & Registry items. I also have a number of utility freebies including CCleaner that I employ frequently, but I want to KEEP & USE my programs (otherwise I simply delete them)without the hassle of having to consistently review their process status and worry about slow running.

Is there any PERMANENT way of ensuring that a program only runs when I choose it to (either by placing in the Start List or whatever) WITHOUT trying to amend the program itself.