Disabling Start-Up Programs

by Ron3462 - 10/9/08 5:18 PM

In Reply to: disableing programs by tedtks

To all:


As per my previous posts, the best all-around program to use for disabling start-up programs is WinPatrol Plus. There is a nominal fee involved but it's well worth it. The fee allow you to obtain unlimited updates as they are released. The updates reflect new programs that are on the market & how they interact vis-a-vis your start up.

What is nice about the program is a dog by the name of Scotty appears on the system tray. Double click Scotty & he barks & the program opens. If you have a question regarding a program within the start up, highlight it & enable "info." Once enabled, a browser opens with detailed & concise information regarding the program in question & if it can either be disabled or removed from the start up. It should be noted that if the program is removed from the start up, it is not deleted from the hard drive.

I highly recommend the program for any user, be it novice to expert. I've been using the program for at least 3 years & I consider myself a somewhat knowledgeable pc user.

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Ron 3462