One last thing

by santuccie - 10/4/08 11:50 PM

In Reply to: What's your point? by santuccie

In case you still think you have a case about being able to enter a URL in Explorer, and being able to type a path in IE, perhaps you would like more than just hearsay. So here's some concrete proof in the checks and balances of Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows Vista:

Notice that Windows Explorer does not recognize the address at all, likely because it would introduce vulnerabilities to the system core. You can still open a file by typing its path in IE, but notice that you now get a prompt, asking you if you really want to open a new instance of Windows Explorer. Again, this is for security.

Bottom line, these are two separate programs, like I tried to tell you in the very beginning. Next time I tell you you're wrong, don't just assume it's because I'm defending the deity of my religion, or because MS is paying me; I'm doing it because what you said is inaccurate.

If what you say is correct, then you won't get a response from me. But because of your lack of experience with Windows, you're obviously prone to error. That's why I have recommended over and over that you confine your discussions to subjects with which you are familiar (e.g. Apple computers). When someone asks a Windows question, they expect an answer from someone who uses Windows, point-blank. Show some respect by not wasting their time and everyone else's.