Slow Shut Down/ Long Shut Down/ Slow Speed

Some other user met into conclusion that they have to re-install Windows or and all program that they have. "YES" it is good but just for temporary solution as it will happen the same again.

This may help everyone to solve the problem;(be sure of sufficient memory, no viruses, without or less remnants and Malwares)
1. You may use or install Virus Scanner that of Freeware to eliminate Viruses if present. AVG good simple one... but I used NOD 32
2. You may also used or install AmtiSpyware that of Freeware to do the same to eliminate Malwares and Add-Awares if present. AVG good.. but I use SperAntiSpyware
3. Use or install Ram Optimizer look for freeware like "Free Ram Optimizer XP" let active-optimize memory to avoid Blue screen
3. Use or Install Registry cleanner, I recommend "Wise Registry Cleanner 3 Pro" It has almost everything to solve your problem. Locate and fix error of your system manualy or automatically at one click. Can boost everything and make your system 2 or 3 times faster than your original.
4. Use or Install PC Checkup 3.25 Pro this is capable of monitoring system error and fixed at one click, this give alarm in the event of present error monitor as you can solve the problem emmidiately.
5. After installtion of Wise Registry Cleanner, explore and configure it as as recommended by your system. then restart your computer and theit you are, you can see and enjoy using your new computer with agreat speed.
Note: for #4 and #5 try to ask help to some of your friend to have it or Email me with the software. It is good as I am now enjoy using a high speed system. "TRY THIS IDEA AND EXPLORE MORE" Thank you!