I have an HD ready TV too

by kcrlshell - 5/9/08 9:21 AM

In Reply to: HD-Ready YVs? by roman0823

I know your post is a couple months old now, but I thought I'd answer anyway since it doesn't look like anyone else ever did, and I have one of those type of TV's too. Your HD-ready TV only has an analog tuner in it. It cannot show a Digital or Hi-Def picture without the assistance of an outside digital/Hi-Def *tuner*. The gov.coupon devices are NOT digital/Hi-Def tuners. What they do is convert the OTA digital broadcast from the antenna into an analog format that your internal analog tuner can understand. It's likely you'll get better reception with the converter box because of the nature of digital broadcasts, but it won't actually be a digital/Hi-Def picture. If you want to see Hi-Def pictures on your HD-ready TV you need an actual Hi-Def tuner attached to an antenna, or a subscription to Cable/Sat and rental of a Hi-Def tuner from them (and all the accompanying fees and services).