Also Portable TV for Emergency/Storm Situations

by EmiLee69 - 1/18/08 8:59 PM

In Reply to: I'm with you. by DADSGETNDOWN

Something else I've mentioned in the past is the fact that I have a very old, very small (about 5" screen) black-and-white analog TV that runs on D batteries. When we have bad weather/storms and power outages, I can pull that old TV out, put in some batteries, and have up-to-date information on what's going on and the scope of the power outage and other damage from the storm. I've looked at what's available in the way of portable digital TVs, and they just won't be an adequate substitute for my old portable analog TV. My analog TV will run for HOURS on the D batteries and, when the batteries run out, I can simply replace them with others. The portable digital TVs I've seen so far have battery life measured in MINUTES rather than hours, and, because they run on a battery pack that must be recharged before they can be used again (not an easy feat when in the middle of a power outage).